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We’re Flying the Flag for British-Made Products with Our Membership of Made in Britain

There’s something you’re going to start seeing soon from Clark-Drain that you haven’t seen before: the Made in Britain mark, with its combined Union flag and soaring arrow, appearing on many of our drainage and access solutions.

We’ve long been advocates of designing and manufacturing within the UK wherever possible, and we’ve achieved this with some 88% of our products already.

It is this ethos that has enabled us to be accepted as a member of Made in Britain, which in turn allows us to use the iconic mark - the only official protected mark that certifies a product is made in Britain by a trusted, transparent manufacturer.

This is a source of massive pride for us, of course, and for anyone else who flies the flag for British manufacturing, but what about our customers? Why does our Made in Britain membership spell good news for you?


An experienced, expert, family business: three signs of quality

Quite simply, membership of Made in Britain will make it much easier for you to find the many British-made products in our extensive range.

But for us, Made in Britain is not simply a badge or a website. Instead, it’s a continuing expression of the many qualities that set our business and our products aside from the rest, and deliver greater value to our customers.

“Grounded in expertise” has long been our strapline, and with good reason: not only are the majority of our products designed in-house in the UK by our own experts, but those experts also have a track record of innovating some of the industry’s most forward-thinking products.

For example, we were the first company to manufacture drainage channels in the UK from recycled and recyclable polypropylene – lighter for our customers to transport, easier for them to lay, and more environmentally sustainable. 

But expertise works best for customers when it’s backed by exceptional experience, and we can certainly lay claim to that, too.

Not only have we been doing what we do for 60 years, but we originated in the very same challenges that our customers face. (Our founding couple struggled to find an access cover to meet their requirements, so they decided to make their own which is when Clark and Son was born and they continued to manufacture them themselves).

Led and managed by a family who are personally invested in the value we deliver to our customers, Clark-Drain is a story of British originality that became a British success – and the Made in Britain mark demonstrates our continuing commitment to deliver the best of British to our customers.

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Made in Britain: a valuable online resource

The Made in Britain directory on the organisation’s website, in which we’re now listed, is often the first port of call for organisations searching for British manufacturing businesses and their products.

It’s a great place for our drainage and access solutions to be found, it also carries members’ news stories, and enables the site admins to quickly connect incoming sales and product enquiries to the businesses most likely to be able to help.

With plenty of scope to set out each business’s profile, credentials, and accreditations, and with links to members’ images and video, social media, online shops, webinars, and useful downloads, Made in Britain is also a really easy way for buyers to find, evaluate, and make contact with proud British manufacturers like us - and to potentially source solutions to meet all their project requirements from one place.

For more information on how you can buy quality, British-made drainage and access solutions more easily and conveniently, get in touch today.


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