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For Defence and Security Applications - Why Clark-Drain Ranks Highest

Any site, asset, or building is only as protected as its weakest point, in specialist defence and security environments drainage and access systems are potentially vulnerable. That’s where Clark-Drain’s range of defence and security solutions come in.

From frames, to covers, to entire chamber assemblies. Clark-Drain’s defence and security range is designed and built, like almost 90% of our products, made in Britain. With pride, attention to detail, and close focus on quality that only a long-established family business can deliver.

It’s why, the Ministry of Defence (MOD), the Ministry of Justice (MOJ), and other Government establishments entrust the security of their belowground assets to be protected by Clark-Drain’s range.

Here are the unique benefits that have seen our defence and security solutions deployed in some of the most critical and sensitive assets in the country as well as overseas.


Stand-out security: Clark-Drain’s key differentiator

“He who defends everything defends nothing,” said Frederick the Great, his words still ring true today. Defence must be focused on areas of high risk, and drainage and access systems that lead into the heart of buildings and installations – not to mention the cabling channels that supply them – are certainly that.

Clark-Drain’s has the weak points covered at every turn. Let’s start with our heavy-duty modular chambers. 


Strong, resilient, MOD-compliant chambers

Constructed from recycled and recyclable polypropylene, they feature a strong lattice structure inside the chamber walls that delivers exceptional strength and stability. 

This makes them highly resistant to attempts to dislodge or penetrate them – one of the factors that has earned them product range compliance with the MOD’s JSP 604 Part 2 regulations for the installation of information communication technology.

And with load ratings of up to E600 (60 tonnes), these chambers are built to withstand heavy traffic above them day in, day out.


Tough, secure, certified covers

On top of the chambers, security is also ever-present in our defence and security covers, which are available in galvanised Mild steel and ductile Iron, and covers are available and load-rated, up to E600 (60 tonnes).

These security covers are supplied with their own purpose-made frames, to seat them securely and stably in the ground, and are made specifically for a secure fit with our chamber range of sizes.

With case-hardened hasp and some with staple closures, high-spec padlocks, tamper-proof hinges, and integral vertical tabs to secure the frame to the chambers, these are covers that fully deserve the coveted MOD pheon emblem mark that they carry.


Quick, easy, and cost-effective

Security isn’t the only requirement – drainage and access solutions must also be easy to source, cost-effective, and quick to go into the ground here, too, Clark-Drain outperforms.

Secure chambers, covers, and frames can be supplied as integrated, assembled systems direct to site, with all Galvanised steel cable furniture and accessories – bolted step irons, pre-configured duct holes, bellmouths, cover caps and all prepared to standard Defence specification, or as bespoke to your client’s specification.

One supplier, one delivery, one invoice, - all bases covered with the peace of mind that specialist security products can bring.


Grounded in Expertise: it’s certified

Our motto is “Grounded in Expertise”, we’re proud to be able to say that all our products are manufactured in accordance with BS EN ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management Systems. 

Our chambers are tested to BS EN 124 B125 (12.5T), D400 (40T) and E600 (60T) loading, and our covers and frames are compliant with BS EN 124 and Fabricated Access Covers Trade Association (FACTA) guidelines as required. 

In addition, our factory-fitted step irons are designed, manufactured and tested to EN13101:2002.

At Clark-Drain, excellence is certified, not merely aspired to.


For more information (including other applications)

Our defence and security range of drainage and access solutions is also suitable for many other demanding and security-conscious applications, including rail, airports, seaports, and many others. 

For more information on how we can help you with your secure drainage and access project, get in touch today [email protected] , or call us on 01733 765317.


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