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Rising to the Challenge: Introducing our Inspection Chamber and Riser Range

Clark-Drain is known for providing high-quality drainage solutions and products made in the UK. Grounded in expertise, we develop products which meet regulations, reduce impact to the environment and make your work easier. This includes our range of products for mini-inspection chambers.

We specifically design these for shallow drainage and include features which are crucial for sewage adoption. We’re sharing the details of our most popular products which offer the flexibility you need to find the right drainage solution. Let’s start with our inlet chambers.

Inlet chambers for mini-inspection chambers

The most popular chamber in our range is the CD U353. This is a 5-inlet chamber with a stepped design and inlets at different depths, offering complete system flexibility. You can simply block off any unused inlets with the easy-fit bungs. We make this product from polypropylene and EPDM rubber, so rust isn’t an issue, but you still get a tough product that’s up to the job. While only weighing 2kg, it has a load rating of 35kN.

We’ve designed this product to work in perfect harmony with our risers. Combining this inlet chamber with our 400mm riser will give you the maximum 600mm depth needed for sewage adoption.

On some occasions, our 3-inlet chamber, CD U351, might be more suitable. This has a 3-way non-stepped design for change of direction applications. Like our 5-inlet chamber, it is also made from recycled polypropylene and rubber and is designed to work with our risers to not exceed 600mm depth.

Inspection chamber covers

It’s crucial that you also pick the right cover for your inspection chamber, especially when it comes to meeting load rating requirements. Our CD300 cover is the perfect partner for our 5-inlet chamber. It is also made from polypropylene and has a load rating classification of 35kN, making it a suitable choice for domestic driveways. It is ideal for areas where there is tarmac, grass or gravel, and its square-to-round design also means you avoid the need to cut paving around a circular opening. Using our expertise, we’ve ensured that it is quick and easy to install.

Of course, we also have manhole covers for other load ratings, too. If you’re looking for something with an A15 rating, we have the CD356 with its square-to-round design, or the CD352 round cover. For those wanting something capable of a little more, there is our B125 Circular Cover and our B125 Square to Round Cover. We make all of these from polypropylene except the B125 Square to Round Cover, which is made from ductile iron with a polypropylene frame.

Risers for inspection chambers

Finally, we come to our inspection chamber risers. Our most popular one is the CD U355 which is a 400mm riser. This has been designed to pair perfectly with our 5-inlet chamber to create the maximum depth allowed of 600mm with just one unit. You can easily reduce the depth of this chamber by cutting it with a fine-tooth saw and a reduction of 100mm is the maximum recommended. Like many of our other products, this chamber is also made from recycled material.

If you are looking for something shallower, then we also have our CD U354 190mm High Riser. Combined with our 5-inlet chamber, this creates a total depth of up to 400mm. Again, this can be cut easily with a fine-tooth saw with a maximum recommended reduction of 100mm.

How to access expertise and advice

If you’re installing a mini-inspection chamber, then Clark-Drain has the right products for you. All of our designs are grounded in expertise, which dates back nearly 60 years, and our technical knowledge means we can help advise you on the best products for your project. To discuss your chamber and riser needs, call us on (01733) 765317 or email [email protected]


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