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New kerb gully combines efficient surface water dispersal with a highway-safe design

Clark-Drain has extended its range of high performance ductile iron products to include a kerb gully unit.  

The highway and pedestrian-safe design has a captive, non-corrosive hinge to provide anti-theft capability, non-rock seating to ensure stability in use and single unit opening for easy access.

Safety is enhanced by a turn-catch lock that provides security against unauthorised access – reducing the chance of the cover being left open and causing a danger to the public. 

Efficient surface water dispersal is achieved through a water way area of 300cm2, whilst a wide unobstructed clear opening facilitates maintenance access to the sewer system.

The tooth-trap grate design disrupts the flow of debris, such as cans and bottles, prone to causing blockages.          

Ease of installation is also supported by an integral road retaining bar which helps to form the road edge.

Accredited to BS EN 124-2:2015, the kerb gully has a D400 loading classification suitable for kerb areas adjacent to dual carriageways, roundabouts and A roads.

The half battered design complements standard kerb systems incorporated into highway schemes up and down the UK.

For more information see CD D010K


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