Case Studies
Effective Drainage Solutions for Projects with Only One Builder

At a Glance:

  • Drainage was needed for a new work area where stonework surfaces were to be cut.
  • Forklift trucks loaded with the heavy work surfaces would be moving around the area.
  • The contractor would be installing the drainage on his own and therefore it needed to be lightweight and simple to install.
  • Clark-Drain’s Technodrain with an F900 load rating classification were chosen for the project.
  • Made from lightweight HDPE and designed with easy installation features, Technodrain met all the requirements of this project.

The Client

Mark Bloor is a builder with over 43 years’ experience. During that time, he has carried out a full range of building works. One of his clients is Natural Stone Surfaces, a leading supplier of bespoke granite, marble, quartz, and semi-precious stone work surfaces. Since starting in 2001, Natural Stone Surfaces have grown to a team of over 100 members of staff. Mark has carried out work for them several times, with the latest project being a new work area.

The Challenge

In this new area, staff would be cutting work surfaces made from materials such as granite. To remove dust and allow a better cut, water is continuously sprayed across the surface. This meant drainage would be needed within the work area to remove the water and keep it dry. This drainage would also need to withhold the pneumatic tyres of the forklift trucks that would be moving around the area, carrying the stonework surfaces, and cope with the constant flow of water.

However, there was another consideration. Mark is a solo builder. Many drainage systems are heavy and cumbersome, requiring at least two people to fit them properly and safely. Mark needed an effective drainage solution that would be suitable for him to fit on his own.

The Solution

Looking for an optimal solution, Mark visited Fairfield Builders Supplies. There he discovered Clark-Drain’s Technodrain. This is our advanced linear drainage channel. Made from High Density Polyethylene (HD-PE), it is lightweight and quick to install while also being robust enough to withstand heavy loads. Its tongue and groove joints and preformed lateral and vertical outlets also make it an easy installation.

With a load rating classification of F900, Technodrain would be robust enough to cope with the weights it would be subjected to on a daily basis. With a through-flow rate of 87.48 litres per second, it was also ideal for the amount of water that would flow through the area. Mark therefore ordered 85m of Technodrain from Fairfield Builders Supplies.

This was the first time Mark had used the product. Yet, he found installing over 80m of these drainage channels a simple process. It was lightweight enough for him to handle and fit them alone and they were very easy to install. They interlocked well with no problems and Mark was able to successfully finish the job without having to seek additional labour.

Outcomes and Results

The new work area is now in use, and the client is very happy with the result. The drains are working well and are easily able to cope with the water flow. Not only do they keep the work area dry, but the drainage system works efficiently, taking the water away to be recycled and used again. The Technodrain also adds to the green credentials, being made from HD-PE, which has a minimal impact on the environment. Technodrain provided the perfect solution, combining robustness with ease of installation.

For more information on how Clark-Drain can help your business deliver cost-effective drainage, no matter how big, small, or technically challenging your project, get in touch.