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A Practical and Aesthetic Solution to Flooding: Clark-Drain and Lilley Construction Services

At a Glance:

  • House and livery yard sitting forty foot lower than the road
  • Numerous factors leaving the property at risk of flooding
  • Livery yard with heavier vehicles in use and client also seeking an aesthetic solution
  • Clark-Drain’s Technodrain with F900 load rating chosen for installation
  • Combination of HD-PE and ductile iron grating met practical and aesthetic requirements

The Client

Lilley Construction Services is a national business which was started by two brothers twelve years ago. They provide electrical, heating, ventilation, and construction services across the UK. Their projects are varied and include house building developments, commercial buildings, high-end landscaping, and civil construction.

The Challenge

Lilley Construction Services were working with a client whose house and livery yard sat forty feet lower than the road, which left it at risk of flooding. The camber of the road, which also sloped in the direction of the property, only compounded this problem. In addition, water also ran down the property’s cobbled driveway towards the livery yard. This unique combination of issues meant that the property was under threat from running water on both sides.

After the first row of stables was flooded, the client was keen to carry out works to protect the house and livery yard from flooding in the future. Lilley Construction Services first considered digging out and making their own channel with construction. However, another contractor recommended Clark-Drain.

Lilley Construction Services took time to carefully consider the different options with their client. Not only did the drains need to be able to cope with the amount of water that could travel towards the property during bad weather, but they also needed them to be robust enough to withstand the heavier vehicles used in a livery yard. The client was also keen to find an aesthetic solution that fitted with the stone house.

The Solution

After considering a variety of options, Lilley Construction Services and their client decided Clark-Drain’s Technodrain met all these requirements.

Technodrain is our latest advanced linear drainage channel. With a maximum through-flow of 87.48 litres per second, it could deal with the amount of water flowing towards the livery yard and would give the client peace of mind.

Made from high density polyethylene (HD-PE) with a ductile iron grating, it has a load rating classification of F900, making it capable of coping with the heaviest traffic. It also has the durability needed to deal with any chemicals and hygiene products such as those that counter mould and micro-organisms, making it a perfect choice for a busy livery yard.

The appearance of the drainage channel was also an important factor, and Lilley Constructions Services and their client both felt that the ductile iron grating matched the aesthetics of the property. Technodrain, therefore, provided not only an effective solution to the risk of flooding but also an attractive one.

Technodrain has tongue and groove joints that create accurate connections and save time on installation. Plus, the HD-PE material makes it lightweight and easier to transport and manage. Lilley Construction Services installed forty-two metres of Technodrain along the line of the gateway to the property, and in front of both the first and second row of stables. Despite being twice the size of products they would usually use, they found Technodrain easy to work with, and to install.

Outcomes and Results

The result is that both the house and the livery yard are now safe from flooding, despite being situated at the bottom of a dip and sitting well below road level. Not only have they been able to protect the property, but Technodrain also contributes to the overall high-end aesthetic appearance of the property.

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