Technologies for Linear Drainage

Technodrain is an advanced, linear drainage channel, providing versatility whilst being economic, light and quick to install. Constructed of High Density Polyethylene (HD-PE), it delivers long life with low whole life cost.


Why choose Technodrain from Clark-Drain?

Easy to handle

Technodrain is easy to transport and install, e.g. The EXEL 100H provides an example of a D400 system, including ductile iron gratings, below the HSE guideline manual handling weight for a single person.  

Efficient installation

Tongue and groove joints enable the installation of pre-assembled channel with gratings, whilst preformed lateral and vertical outlets provide easy connection to discharge pipes, of varying sizes, saving valuable time on site.


Known for its high tensile strength, HD-PE is extremely robust with a high resistance to shock, chemical exposure and sudden temperature changes. The special reinforced channel structure also centres vertical load distribution, reducing strain on critical areas of bedding material. 


Technodrain can be used in a wide variety of environments across urban, commercial and industrial sectors and Civils infrastructure.   

Chemically inert 

Resistant to chemical attack, Technodrain is resistant to a wide range of acids, salts and hydrocarbons, and is ideal for harsh environments such as chemical plants, warehouses and petrol stations. It is particularly suitable for roads where anti-freeze salts are used.

Thermal range

Resistant to sudden temperature changes, the Technodrain channel can be used in a thermal range between -60°C and +100°C.

Hygienic performance

With its surface resistant to micro-organisms and moulds, Technodrain® channels can be used in all structures requiring a very high level of pavement cleanliness (kitchens, food industry, hospitals, etc.). 


The Technodrain system is composed of a range of gratings for load classes A15 to F900, in accordance with standard EN 1433. All gratings are designed to deliver maximum drainage efficiency for vehicle traffic, pedestrians and cyclists, supporting effective surface water management right across the the built environment.

System flexibility

Tee and Cross connectivity, delivers layout flexibility, enabling a variety of system configurations to be installed according to the outline design of a project. The Technodrain sump is also an important component of the system and can be installed as a terminal unit off the line or as a central element of two converging lines. 


In addition to its outstanding physical characteristics, HD-PE is recognised for its minimal impact on the environment:

  • It takes less energy to manufacture HDPE than non-plastic products
  • HD-PE is lightweight and is cost effective to transport
  • Being extremely robust, less waste is created from breakages as Technodrain reaches the construction site undamaged

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At Clark-Drain, we are committed to providing the right, total solutions for building projects.

Technodrain is the latest in a range of channels we have available. Material technology has advanced so far, that both, High-Density Polyethylene and Polymer Concrete channels are used in road construction and other Urban, Commercial and Industrial applications.  Clark-Drain has excellent products for all these in its product range, offering varied technical choices 

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