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You Ask, We Deliver: Re-Introducing Our Polypropylene Domestic Channel with Mesh Grating

As our customers know, Clark-Drain is grounded in expertise. We pour decades of experience into every product we produce. But that’s not the only factor we take into consideration when creating our range. There is the adage, ‘the customer is always right’. While some might like to take this with a pinch of salt, we strongly believe in listening to the feedback we get from our customers. After all, you are the ones out there, working on sites, installing our products every day.

That’s why we’re excited to announce we now offer mesh gratings for our ever-popular Polypropylene Linear Drainage Channel, the CD 422. Customer feedback indicated that you wanted a mesh grating option re-introduced, and we are, therefore, delivering.

Introducing our linear drainage channel with mesh grating

As you would expect with Clark-Drain products, we design and manufacture this mesh grating right here in the UK. An ideal solution for domestic settings or withing landscaped areas such as patios, paths, and gardens, this durable product is made from recycled polypropylene that is recyclable at end of life, supporting your environmental targets.

What factors should you consider before choosing your grating?

Gratings can come in a variety of designs. We most commonly incorporate slotted and mesh options. Gratings enables water to run into your drainage system while also protecting it. The first consideration is the strength of the grating. In industrial areas where heavy vehicles are in use, you will need a metal grating with a higher load capacity, which will give it the strength needed to withstand the vehicular loads it will be under. However, in pedestrianised areas or places with only light vehicle use, a polypropylene solution is more suitable.

The second consideration is the style of grating, and this can depend on a few factors. Most important is the water flow that it will have to deal with. For example, in a high-water flow area, a slotted grating might be more appropriate as its larger openings will allow water to drain away more efficiently.

Clark-Drain’s grating solutions

Whatever challenges you face with gratings, Clark-Drain has a solution within our range. If you are interested in a mesh grating option, our CD422 drainage channel is now available to order.

 Sometimes it can be much harder to balance the pros and cons of the different options and decide which best suits your needs. If that’s the case, then Clark-Drain is on hand to support and advise you. Just as our customers share feedback with us, we share our decades of experience and expertise with you. Simply call us on 01733 765317 or visit our website


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