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What Has Put Clark-Drain in the Top 100 Cambridgeshire Companies for the Seventh Year Running?

We’re delighted that we’ve been recognised in the top 100 Cambridgeshire companies for the seventh year running, in the Grant Thornton Cambridgeshire Limited Report.

This recognition demonstrates that our drainage and access solutions business continues to perform well even in economically trying times, and that we remain a leading employer in the Peterborough area.

But for us, this is evidence of much more than a healthy balance sheet - it is a vindication of how and why we do business, not just the business we do.

It’s about what sets us apart, what makes our customers choose us, and what makes people want to join us.

Here’s some insight into those things that makes us, us!

Innovation built on sustainability

At Clark-Drain, we don’t stand still, because we owe it to those using our products to keep them ahead of the curve. Innovation that benefits how our customers work is therefore absolutely core to how we operate – but so is our commitment to sustainability for the future built environment.

We have designed and produced the industry’s first polypropylene drainage channel that is made from recycled material and recyclable at end of life. Exceptionally light, it therefore requires less fuel to transport, fewer pairs of hands to carry, and no carbon-emitting machinery to lay.

In another industry first, our Pro-Shield Max access cover range combines nylon with glass, meaning it is made of recycled material and is also recyclable at end of life. The honeycomb configuration, inspired by nature, creates an exceptionally tough, hard-wearing, weight-bearing (12.5 tonnes) product. Although strong, the Pro-Shield Max access cover is lightweight meaning it is also easy to carry and install.

Sustainability in processes as well as products

We know that sustainability isn’t merely about changing what’s in our products. We understand that it’s about changing the way we do things, too, and this is a goal we’ve invested in consistently, and continue to do so.

From electrifying our vehicle fleet to switching to electric and gas fork trucks; from achieving a Silver FORS accreditation across our fleet which takes into consideration the economical operations and fuel efficiency of our lorries; from replacing our machines with models that are 70% more energy-efficient to moving to low-energy LED lighting; from ramping up our own recycling to selecting suppliers whose packaging is at least 30% recycled; we have upped our sustainability game across the business.

Proud commitment to UK manufacturing

Another commitment we think makes a big difference to our business and to our customers, is our support of UK design and manufacturing.

Some 88% of our products are designed and made here in our production facilities in Peterborough, which gives us control over quality and consistency that is second to none – a distinguishing factor much appreciated by our customers and end users.

Our UK manufacturing focus has enabled us to be accepted as a member of Made in Britain, which in turn allows us to use its iconic Union Jack mark - the only official, protected mark that certifies a product is made in Britain by a trusted, transparent manufacturer.

It also enables us to recruit and nurture talent from the local community for our numerous career opportunities. From manufacturing roles within our factory and dispatch teams, through to design, quality control, sales, marketing, finance, purchasing, IT, HR and logistics roles in our offices – something we have strong links to right through our 60-year history.

A family success, then and now

What comes through equally strongly in our inclusion in the Top 100 is the spirit of family endeavour that has underpinned our business from day one - and persists to this day.

The business was started by husband and wife team, Francis and Dorothy Clark, who, having been told they would have to wait months for a new manhole cover on their property, decided they would simply manufacture their own.

Some 60 years on, this entrepreneurial, familial feel informs the culture in every part of the business. Good ideas can come from anywhere, and all ideas are equally important for the development and innovation of our products. Discussions are open, outcomes are evaluated honestly, and opportunities for improvement are prized.

Our people are all part of the wider Clark-Drain family, working hard to provide the best possible service to our customers. Highly skilled and with vast experience of the industry, we are proud that our team members stay and grow with us, with employees having an average of 9 years’ experience with Clark-Drain.

We still follow a similar process to product innovation as when we first began. Just like Francis and Dorothy, we identify drainage issues and explore how they can be resolved, supporting each other to find and create solutions.

These are the reasons that our company and our products are “Grounded in Expertise”!

For more information on how Clark-Drain can help with your access and drainage solutions please contact our friendly and helpful team on 01733 765317. 

If you would like to be part of this award-winning family company, contact [email protected] for current opportunities.


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