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Construction Industry & Sustainability: Clark-Drain to Attend Two Exhibitions with a Green Focus

Reducing the environmental impact of the construction industry

Just a few months ago, Cop26 took place in Glasgow with countries from around the world coming together to review what needs to be done to stop global warming. Then, at the beginning of this month, Conservative MP, Duncan Baker introduced a new bill in parliament. This focuses on measuring, reporting, and reducing what is known as embodied carbon emissions. This includes carbon emissions created in the construction of buildings. It is, therefore, no surprise to find a renewed focus on reducing environmental impact within the industry.

Clark-Drain have long committed to reducing their carbon footprint and producing more sustainable products. In March, we will be attending two exhibitions. Both have a focus on sustainability, and we will be showcasing two of our products, one of which is our latest innovation.


The first exhibition we’ll be attending is FutureBuild. This takes place 1-3 March at ExCel, London. For the last 16 years, FutureBuild has been on a mission to cultivate collaboration and inspire change so that the construction industry can achieve net-zero.

Over 20,000 specifiers, 8000 delegates, and 250 brands will be attending. Everyone in attendance wants to do their part in reducing the environmental impact of the industry. It is only through working together that we can hope to make a real difference.

Clark-Drain will be exhibiting a range of our products, but with a special focus on showcasing Technodrain, and our new innovation, Pro-Shield. You can find us on Stand C64.

Travis Perkins Virtual Trade Fair

The second exhibition is slightly different. It is a virtual event from the building merchants, Travis Perkins. It will be running 8-9 March. Suppliers will be getting together online to showcase their latest products and innovations. This exhibition is aimed at ‘Doing What Matters’ and again, focuses on sustainability within the industry.

As with FutureBuild, we will be showcasing Technodrain, and introducing the new Pro-Shield.

What are Technodrain and Pro-Shield?

For the last three years, Clark-Drain has been on a drive to reduce our carbon and make sustainability improvements. This has not only included adapting and upgrading our sites and vehicle fleet, but also included improvements in our products. It was Clark-Drain that developed the first 100% recycled and recyclable channels and chambers.

Technodrain and Pro-Shield are two of our products that continue this proud tradition. Both have qualities aimed to reduce carbon emissions while still forging ahead and providing high standards in their practical use.


Technodrain is the latest advanced linear drainage channel in our range. While its production has minimal environmental impact, it is still robust, lightweight and easy to install.

Technodrain is made from High Density Polyethylene (HD-PE) which is recognised for taking less energy to manufacture than non-plastic products. In addition, its durability means that it reduces waste from things such as breakages and is suitable for all load classes from A15 to F900. The lightweight nature of HD-PE also means it is easy to transport. This reduces both transport costs and emissions.

However, while Technodrain contributes to reducing environmental impact, there is no compromise in its quality. It offers a flexible system which can offer a variety of system configurations. Plus, its robust design means it is resistant to shock, chemical exposure, and sudden temperature changes. Its lightweight nature also means its weight is below the HSE guidelines for manual handling for a single person.

In other words, Technodrain is a linear drainage channel that delivers on functionality and sustainability measures.


Clark-Drain prides itself on never standing still, pushing forward to develop new products that are ‘grounded in expertise’. The latest result of this drive is the innovative Pro-Shield, a B125 access solutions cover designed for residential use.

Pro-Shield is a product in line with our aims to produce quality products that limit impact on the environment. Not only is it made from recycled materials, but it is also recyclable, meaning the materials can be used over and over again.

It is often said that nature already has the best designs. Pro-Shield draws on this with its unique honeycomb design which delivers on strength and resilience. Its glass filled nylon construction also adds to its durability as well as making it lightweight.

It has been designed for use on driveways and pedestrian areas. Able to bear loads of up to 12.5 tonnes, it’s a perfect solution for areas where heavier vehicles will pass or cross.

Again, the Pro-Shield combines the durability you need with the environmental factors you desire.

The future of construction

As shown by the two exhibitions coming up in March, the construction industry is now placing a much greater importance on environmental factors than ever before. At Clark-Drain we only see this intensifying as climate change becomes ever more critical.

We intend to continue pushing the boundaries of what’s possible with sustainability, remaining leaders in the design, manufacture and distribution of access solutions and drainage products.


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