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Brilliant Access Cover Solution for High Water Table Areas

Our Aqua Knight range are innovative, cost-effective, British-made access cover solutions for high water table areas. 

Here’s more on the Aqua Knight range, and why it excels at keeping water pressure (and odours) in check, both outside and indoors.

What is a high water table?

A high water table area is defined as any area where the water table is within 1.8 metres of the ground surface during the frost period, up until the end of August, or within 2.4 metres of the ground surface during the rest of the year.

High water tables can result in excess water pressure, which can cause all manner of issues, an example of this is groundwater and surface water contamination by sewage. It can also force conventional access covers up and out of position, as they are simply not designed to withstand that level of water pressure in the chambers beneath them.

With more frequent episodes of heavier rainfall now a repeated consequence of climate change, the water table is rising in many areas, putting more and more access covers at risk of breach.

Why Choose Aqua Knight?

Our Aqua Knight range is made from galvanised steel, in clear opening sizes from 450 x 450 to 900 x 600, which also feature multi-point locking screws and a neoprene seal that make them resilient enough to stay watertight to an impressive one metre head of pressure, preventing lifting as well as locking in odours.

They are also part of the 88% of Clark-Drain products that are British-made, and permitted to carry the Made in Britain mark.

Aqua Knight covers are significantly more cost-effective than the more expensive “double cover” access solutions often used in an attempt to overcome problems of pressure build-up, providing quality and a fair price. 

With a 5-tonne GPW load rating, our Aqua Knight covers are as resistant to damage from above as from below, delivering a long-life, low life-cost solution for safe, durable, maintenance-friendly access.

Strength vs aesthetic 

The tapered frame of our Aqua Knight covers ensures a secure bedding, adding stability to the cover and helping it withstand impacts.

The recessed tray in which the cover sits, can be filled with a variety of coverings to match the visual characteristics of the surrounding floor – including screed, carpet tiles and block paving to name a few  leaving the cover virtually invisible once it’s installed, meaning you have strength of product without compromising on the aesthetics.

Innovation - a family affair

Like everything we supply, the Aqua Knight range is the result of the innovation that goes right back to our company roots 60 years ago, when Francis and Dorothy Clark founded their own business creating an access cover for their garden to avoid a long wait for overseas delivery.

It’s a reflection of the values we still stand for today: those of a close-knit family business, personally and professionally invested in continuous improvement, backed by many years’ experience of understanding, and solving our customers’ challenges. 

We produced the UK’s first steel access covers, we were the first in our market to make products from 100% recycled and recyclable materials, and with our Aqua Knight range we are solving a problem more cost-effectively than conventional alternatives.

As our strapline has it, our Aqua Knight range is, like everything we do, “Grounded in Expertise”.

For more information on how you can buy Aqua Knight and other quality, British-made drainage, and access solutions, get in touch today.


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