Case Studies
Technodrain is the perfect drainage solution for builders' merchant JT Atkinson

JT Atkinson, a family owned independent builders' merchant in the North of England, needed a lightweight yet robust drainage solution for their new branch in Stokesley. They required the drainage to be installed quickly, to ensure their 30th branch opened on time.  

The branch yard would be a highly trafficked area, so the JT Atkinson team were seeking a drainage solution that could withstand large loads and constant heavy traffic of forklift trucks and articulated lorries.

Technodrain is an advanced, linear drainage channel, providing versatility whilst being economic, light and quick to install. Constructed of high density polyethylene (HD-PE), it delivers long life with low whole-life cost. Having used Clark-Drain products at their other branch sites, the JT Atkinson team knew first-hand the quality of Clark-Drain’s products and customer service.

Designed for surface water management, the versatility of Technodrain enables it to be used across all construction environments as a light, robust, solution for run-off surface design. Technodrain’s size-to-weight ratio maximises its savings in transport and installation costs, and this installation was within the limits set by the HSE manual handling guidelines for a one-person lift.

Chris Gilbertson, Project Manager for JT Atkinson, says: “We were looking for a quality drainage product which would be easy to install, able to withstand F900 loads, and be long lasting. Technodrain from Clark-Drain is the ideal solution and doesn’t disappoint. Not only does it provide us with the drainage we need at a competitive price, the installation was extremely easy thanks to its lightweight nature.”

Technodrain was installed at the Stokesley branch of JT Atkinson in October 2019.



Hard wearing – Constructed of high-density polyethylene (HD-PE), Technodrain delivers long life with low whole-life cost.

Easy to install – Tongue and groove joints allow for ease of installation and the connection of multiple channels. Preformed lateral and vertical channel outlets also provide quick and easy connection to discharge pipes.

Cost effective – whilst providing a safe environment and a highly efficient system for surface water clearance. 

BS EN1433:2002 – Load handling performance is rated at 90 tonnes, making it durable with strength to spare in an area used by a range of vehicles from forklift trucks to artic lorries.

Hydraulic performance – With maximum through-flow of 8.25 litres per second and a water way area of 372cm2, it has more than enough capacity for JT Atkinson.

Bolted locking system – Technodrain features a bolted locking system, with 4 bolts in every 500mm to avoid grating movement.


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