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Technodrain Delivers On Drainage For An East Sussex Equestrian Centre

Ashdown Forest in East Sussex is a major destination for horse lovers, with several stables and riding schools amidst miles of bridleway. Clark-Drain supplied drainage solutions to one of the forest's prestigious equestrian centres, which is undergoing development of its visitor amenities.

The centre has installed 3,000 square metres of new paving and parking areas, along with other upgrades to its facilities. Contractor Codrin Iordache of Cody Building took the opportunity to use Clark-Drain’s new HD-PE Technodrain solutions for the first time. Codrin says: “I was interested when I heard about Technodrain as an alternative to the polymer concrete drainage channels we generally use. Technodrain seemed to combine value with meeting all our technical specifications.

“We found that the lightweight system is easy to handle. It’s also clear that, despite being light, the drainage channels have all the strength required.”

All the Technodrain channel installed at the centre is in fact load rated to D400 and able to accommodate vehicles up to 40 tons. This means the area is equipped to handle even the biggest horseboxes, including HGVs carrying up to nine horses.

Channels of two sizes were sourced from the range for this project:
1. An external depth of 210mm, internal width of 100mm and max through-flow of 8.25 litres per second. 

2. An external depth of 310mm, internal width of 200mm and max through-flow of 42.6 litres per second.

Integrating sump units with channel drainage

Also supplied were several Technodrain sump units. These remove silt from the surface water, preventing dirt and debris from entering the drainage system and causing blockages. Codrin says: “I was impressed by the sump units. As with the channels, the galvanised steel edging made it simple for us to integrate them with the 80mm paving. They also feature grating that bolts in place, which is really easy to remove for maintenance inspection and cleaning of the unit and the channels.

“The design of the Technodrain system also means that it’s easy to connect units together. Simple tongue and groove joints allow for the installation of channels with a ready-mounted grating, saving time on site and providing accurate connections. We will definitely be using Technodrain again on future projects.”

Cody Building sourced the Technodrain products through the Tunbridge Wells branch of Professional Building Supplies, who specialise in drainage products as part of their wider range. Terry Hallett says: “We have been talking to customers since Clark-Drain introduced the Technodrain range and have had a really positive response. People like the value the range offers, and the fact that the light weight makes the units easy to handle.

“The light weight is also good for us as a merchant. It makes this product sustainable to transport, and the HD-PE construction means there’s less likelihood of channels cracking in transit. It will also make storage at our central warehouse and branches simpler, with fewer issues around safe handling to deal with.”


Value - Technodrain consistently adds great value to excellent specifications.

Load ratings - units chosen for this project were rated at Group 4 (D400), suitable for HGV parking. 

Robust - the HD-PE (high density polyethylene) channels and sump units are resistant to a wide range of acids, salts and hydrocarbons.

Ease of installation - the 210mm deep channels used in this project weigh just 15kg each, including the ductile iron grating and galvanised steel edge.

System integration - products in the Technodrain range connect easily together using simple tongue and groove joints.

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