Case Studies
Newform Construction: Critical Projects Delivered More Efficiently and at Lower Cost, with Clark-Drain

The Newform Construction Projects: At a Glance 

  • Diverse projects required robust drainage chambers, channels, access chambers and manhole covers
  • Lightness and ease of assembly were critical in reducing labour, and delivering to schedule
  • Covers needed to comfortably withstand HGV turning weight in high-traffic areas
  • Clark-Drain solutions matched competitor specifications, far more cost-effectively
  • B125 chambers and D400 channels and manhole covers performed strongly on all counts


The Client

Newform Construction specialises in groundworks, utility installations, and reinforced concrete works. They work with a variety of clients, including the UK Armed Forces, schools, councils, water companies, highways agencies, and agricultural corporations. The Newform construction has an experienced team, holding CITB, CSCS, and SMTS accreditations, and delivers both individual and full-package services across the UK from its base in Wymondham, Norfolk.


The Challenge

Newform Construction required a quick turnaround on installation and the sufficient capability for handling large volumes of liquid agricultural waste, all while withstanding the constant demands of a busy lorry yard.

The challenges were exacerbated by the limitations of many traditional drainage products. These can be overly heavy and thus increase transport costs, meaning more labour and machinery is needed on site. This can often affect project delivery times.

Lightweight products that facilitate easier installation often come with a price tag that outweigh the benefits they deliver.

The severity of these limitations becomes more pronounced in high-stakes projects. Given that Newform had been contracted to deliver work that included defence assets and an urgent programme to boost domestic food production post-Brexit, a more efficient and cost-effective solution was needed.

For this, Newform turned to Clark-Drain, on the recommendation of their local Keyline branch in Norwich.


The Solution

Newform selected Clark-Drain’s B125 chambers, D400 channels, and manhole covers, to ensure quick and easy installation that would stand the test of time.

In the words of Newform’s Managing Director, Dave Graves, these polypropylene and recyclable products are “super-lightweight”, which not only makes them quick and easy to load, transport, and deploy, but means that less labour and machinery is needed on-site to move and lay them.

“One guy on his own can easily unload a pallet,” Graves explains, “and the one-metre sections of the drainage channels just slot together.”

The B125 chambers are equally simple to assemble and install, he explains, but also readily extendable. “The chambers are really easy to put together,” he says, “and the holes for the ducting are ready-scored, so you simply punch out the hole and connect the duct.”

“If you need a deeper chamber, you just stack one on top of another, up to 1.2 metres in depth, so it’s a really quick solution for even higher-capacity requirements.”

Graves also points out that, unlike with many chamber solutions, there is no need to build a separate brick outer chamber. “We put the chamber in the ground, brace it with timber, lay a concrete surround, and once that’s dry and the covers on you can drive vehicles over it,” he explains.

The D400 channels and manhole covers, for their part, also punch beyond their weight.

The channels are made of Heavy Duty Polyethylene which is lightweight, easy to install, and capable of handling high-volume flows, being used by one Newform client to transport both water and vegetable waste away from a disposal facility in industrial quantities.

The manhole covers have been strategically placed, including a busy lorry yard. Here, they have proven their ability to stand up not just to static weight, but, as Graves puts it, the pressure of a turning HGV “screwing its wheels down into the cover.”

In short, the Clark-Drain solutions that Newform Construction chose have demonstrated their capability to handle demanding tasks. They were also rapidly deployable – and Graves is clear that they have delivered enormous cost savings by comparison with competitor products, as he explains below.


Outcomes and Results

Newform Construction has made great use of Clark-Drain’s products to deliver rapid, robust drainage systems at low labour, transport, and installation costs. However, it is arguably the price of the products themselves, relative to quality and specification, that serves as another compelling reason why customers, like Newform, prefer them over alternatives from competitors. 

Ever mindful of delivering maximum value to the client, Graves comments that the price of Clark-Drain’s closest competitor’s products in this space is “astronomical.”

“I would be paying around 280% more for a channel if I went with the competition,” he explains, “yet Clark-Drain’s spec matches theirs. In addition, Clark-Drain make extensive use of recycled and recyclable materials.”

Quicker into the ground, easier to get there, cheaper to transport, and just as effective as competitor products that cost almost three times the price – is it any wonder Clark-Drain’s lightweight and environmentally sustainable products were Newform’s preferred choice for its clients’ projects?

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