Case Studies
Naylor Concrete Products expands its manufacturing facilities helped by high capacity drainage solution

It's always good to hear about a UK manufacturer expanding its operations. At Clark-Drain, we were therefore delighted to be involved in supporting the expansion of Naylor Concrete Products's facility near Barnsley, South Yorkshire.

In the summer of 2016, the company installed three poly tunnels in order to protect new concrete moulding equipment from the weather. The site was rough ground that was transformed in a project led by local building contractors, N T Killingley.

After completing the groundworks, a new concrete base was laid down prior to the installation of the poly tunnels. Extensive drainage capacity was required between the tunnels, to cope with rainwater and slurry produced by the manufacturing process.

Malc Halliwell of N T Killingley Ltd says: “We had three main requirements for the drainage infrastructure on the site. First, it had to handle large amounts of slurry, with grate openings wide enough to avoid blockages. We also needed something that would be quick and easy to keep clean, to minimise any downtime at the facility. 

“Finally, durability was very important. The drainage channels have to withstand significant traffic, with the area being used by a range of vehicles, from forklift trucks to heavy concrete pouring machines.”

When Malc contacted Alex Bradford of the Civils and Heavyside Division of Markovitz Ltd (the Midlands and Yorkshire based merchants) to discuss suitable drainage options, Clark-Drain
was recommended as a potential supplier.

Alex says: “We went out to Clark-Drain for tender as we had worked successfully with them previously many times. One important factor was that the project called for several
different components of varying specification. We knew Clark-Drain had a big enough product range to meet that requirement.

“They came back with specifications and a quote very quickly and offered a competitive, fit-for-purpose solution that stacked up very well against the other supplier we contacted. They then responded fast after being given the work, with all the necessary products on site within two weeks.”

A total of 140 metres of Clark-Drain’s polymer concrete linear drainage channels was installed. The channel components have three different depths (225, 275 and 325mm) and are configured
as a stepped fall system to navigate water towards sump units. Four silt boxes were also installed to maximise capacity.


Hard wearing – Polymer concrete has greater tensile strength and resistance against corrosion than traditional concrete, while ductile iron rails also ensure long-term durability.

Sufficient slot grating – The grating slot width of 18mm is wide enough to handle run-off of slurry produced by the concrete manufacturing process.

BS EN1433:2002 – Load handling performance is rated at 90 tonnes, making it durable with strength to spare in an area used by a range of vehicles.

Choice of channel depths – The drainage channel is available in a choice of depths - 225, 275
and 325mm - allowing for a variety of site conditions.

Hydraulic performance – With maximum through-flow of 7.2, 14.2 and 22.7 litres per second respectively, the combination of channels with three depths in a stepped fall system has more than enough capacity for Naylor Concrete.

Four-point locking system – All widths of our F900 Linear Drainage products utilise the Clark-Drain Catchlock system. This is a four-point locking system which is an important aspect of channels that are taking strenuous loads and constant heavy traffic