CD C10-20


PRE-SLOPED (001 TO 020), CONSTANT DEPTH (L00, L10, L20) or SHALLOW (S60 & S80).



Product Codes include: CD C10-L06G-20, CD C10-L08G-20, CD C10-L00G-20, CD C10-S01G-20, CD C10-S02G-20, CD C10-S03G-20, CD C10-S04G-20, CD C10-S05G-20, CD C10-S06G-20, CD C1-S07G-20, CD C10-S08G-20, CD C10-S09G-20, CD C10-S10G-20, CD C10-L10G-20, CD C10-H10G-20, CD C10-S11G-20, CD C10-S11G-20, CD C10-S12G-20, CD C10-S13G-20, CD C10-S14G-20, CD C10-S15G-20, CD C10-S16G-20, CD C10-S17G-20, CD C10-S18G-20, CD C10-S19G-20, CD C10-S20G-20, CD C10-L20G-20, CD C10-H20G-20

Application: Commercial Linear Drainage
Loading: C250
EN1433:2002 Type M. CE marked.
Product Features
Channel & Grate Polymer concrete with galvanised steel edge rails. Knockout section for vertical outlet (optional). Locking bar slots. 2 x 500mm ductile iron slotted grates.
Finish Ductile iron grates are coated with black bitumen.
Locking 2 locking bars & bolts fitted.
Pre-Sloped Option Pre-sloped channels (# 001 to 020) incorporate a fall of 0.6% (6mm over 1mtr).
External Dimensions: 1000 (L) x 131 (W) x 60 up to 247 (H)
Clear Opening: 1000 (L) x 100 (W) x 25 up to 232 (H)
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