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Clark-Drain have a modern on site cad design and development office which uses Solid Works for sheet metal development, finite element analysis (FEA) and structural analysis. We can handle most exterior formats and send technical information to customers in most digital formats, as well as printed formats. We design and check our cast product range using (FEA) and can produce bespoke designs to customers' requirements in sheet metal, cast material and plastics.

3 Part Flush Cover

Consists of three lids made of 4mm minimum Durbar steel to support any loading to suit requirement.

O-A Main Assembly

Pocketed recessed cover to be filled with concrete for heavy duty applications.

4F200 200 D

Consists of four lids made of 4mm Durbar steel to support any loading application. Optional extras include safety grill and various locking devices to suit customer applications.

4 Part Recessed Cover

Consists of 4 recessed covers with the option to infill using concrete or pavior blocks made to support any loading application.

8PR Main Assembly

Consists of 8 recessed covers with the option to infill with concrete or pavior blocks with loading to suit any application.

F100-70 AAA

Typical single lid design of a solid top cover with variuos options for sealing and locking down.

FCW 1 Part Cover

Flow control of water access cover for use primarily in the utility sector and by the MOD consisting of spring assisted hinges and safety stays. The padlock box and lock and lift device comes as standard.

MR60 60AAS

Recessed covers completely made from either 314 or 316 stainless steel. Support structure to suit any loading application.