Where to use a B125 cover?

 The B125 loading classification is a robust choice in many cases where light vehicular, slow moving traffic is present. Even though it’s not a suitable choice for main highways, it is ideal for driveways, footpaths, grass verges and some car parks. 

Configured to withstand the weight of modern day family-sized cars, the load-bearing potential of our B125 (12.5 tonnes) range, is more than adequate even for dynamic loads subjected by vehicles in motion (for instance, pulling into, turning or braking on a driveway). In extreme cases the load exerted through a single wheel can be 3 or 4 times the static mass of the vehicle! Take a large 4 x 4 for example such as a Range Rover with a kerb weight of say 2.7 tonnes. When the vehicle is turning and braking, the load exerted through any one wheel could be as much as 11 tonnes! Therefore, for driveways, footpaths, grass verges and car parks subject to light vehicular trafficking, a B125 loading class should be specified as a minimum.


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- Uploaded 09/06/2017