CD 761SR KMB+R - Engineered for today's driveways

On driveways and footpaths the choice of manhole cover can have a significant impact on house building maintenance cycles and replacement costs. In recent years loads have risen as cars have continued to increase in weight and size. What may have been installed originally to take a driveway loading may not be sufficient to avoid a manhole cover becoming bowed or broken. Certainly an A15 (1.5T) classification would only be suitable for pedestrians. The CD 761SR KMB+R, capable of bearing a B125 (12.5T) load provides the answer for tarmac areas in driveways and footpaths where a 450mm diameter clear opening is required. In addition, when the invert is more than 1.2m the CD 761SR KMB+R  is supplied with a reducer to convert the clear opening to 350mm in accordance with Building Regulations.

- Uploaded 07/03/2017