Changes to BS EN 124

BS EN 124 is a European standard which applies to all Gully Tops and Manhole Tops for vehicular and pedestrian areas up to a clear opening of 1000mm. BS EN 124 requires covers to be third party certified to the standard and to show the mark of the certification body on each cover. Changes to BS EN 124 are planned to come into effect by the British Standards Institution (BSI). Under the scope of the updated version a revised range of products will be developed/phased in over the coming months prior to the final date for compliance. Clark-Drain has already begun work on the identification of products likely to be affected and opportunities for new products. This is being undertaken by an internal strategy team set up specifically to tackle the future changes. As part of this process, Clark-Drain’s technical team have been monitoring BSI’s UK Mirror Committee’s progress and have also been proactively engaged with them in the revision process. Our strategic planning during the phasing in period will ensure that there is a smooth transition to the revised standard.

- Uploaded 13/08/2015