Clark-Drain manhole cover improves access safety

Clark-Drain launches B125 cast iron manhole cover with ergonomic slide out capability 

 Drainage product and access cover leader, Clark-Drain, has added ‘lift and slide’ functionality to its popular B125 manhole cover series, with a slide out design that delivers higher safety value to customers.

The products are ideally suited for use in footpaths, pedestrian areas and driveways, including safety, security and durability features that, when combined, help to reduce workplace injury risks associated with manual handling and the time and maintenance costs involved with utility access.

The covers have been designed with integral lifting keyholes which are purposely positioned to enable the easy removal of the slide out units with minimum single-person effort – especially in difficult access areas where room can sometimes be limited. For additional peace of mind, Clark-Drain also provides the option for locking screws to remove the risk of unauthorised access.                 

Hans Garbutt, Marketing Manager of Clark-Drain, explains: “While lifting techniques are important to prevent injury, it is also important to make sure that products with proper manual handling features are made available. Our CAD techniques enable us to design, develop and make products and associated devices better suited to safe lifting and chamber accessibility.”        

The features of the slide out range initially include clear opening dimensions of 450mm x 450mm, 600mm x 450mm and 600mm x 600mm with other possible sizes to follow. They are Kitemark certified to BS EN 124:1994 and have been tested to exceed their Class B125 load rating. Customers also have the option of a skid resistant coating and standard ‘FW’ (foul water) and ‘SW’ (surface water) badging. 

Clark-Drain continues to be a company that prioritises the health and safety agenda. Hans continues: “Many of our products, not just ductile iron, but steel and plastic covers too, are designed with installer, public and user safety in mind. Functional design and user friendly systems, material technology expertise and quality control all play their part in contributing to safe installations.” 

- Uploaded 03/03/2015