Clark-Drain launches new ‘economical’ gully grates

Efficient product design and engineering meets the need for cost performance in drainage products  
Clark-Drain has added more choice to its already popular series of gully grates. The new additions include extensions to its pedestrian/driveway range, with the CLKS 58 DDI; and to its carriageway range, with the CLKS 178 KMD and CLKS 184S KMD.

Clark-Drain has specifically designed and manufactured these products to meet the need for cost effective drainage products whilst retaining the overall standards of quality expected in building and construction.   

With whole-life costs a major consideration in specifying and supplying municipal castings and loadings on UK roads rising, Clark-Drain has incorporated design and engineering ideas which support building economics whilst underpinning high engineering standards associated with user safety, asset security, efficiency and durability.

Jeremy Nesbitt, Technical Manager at Clark-Drain explains: “The CLKS 58 DDI, for example, offers an economical ‘slim’ frame design with durability and reliability under 12.5 tonne loads in domestic driveway applications. Further value is added by a dish shape grating which improves water flow function and can integrate with pre-cast drainage channels.”

Clark-Drain has also designed two new gully grating products for road applications, both with enhanced cost performance features

Jeremy continues, “Loads on UK roads are rising. Balancing development and manufacturing costs with performance is critical – a key consideration when designing our new CLKS 178 KMD and CLKS 184S KMD. Design features such as taper lock gratings provide non-rock capability and exceed 40 tonne test loads whilst dense material placement concentrated in strategic areas of the product design can also make a difference to product durability without being over-engineered. New product choices can also influence installation costs with the CLKS 178 KMD, particularly, being considered for building projects using smaller gully pot sizes than the traditional 450mm diameter. Its reduced clear opening makes it ideal for these types of projects, reducing the need to use oversized gully gratings. Future value is also added by the use of captive hinges which allow for fast easy access whilst enabling increased theft-deterrent capability. In the case of the CLKS 184S KMD this is further enhanced with strengthened frame hinge blocks and protective hinge pin shrouds on the grating. We plan to roll out this feature across all our gully grating range over the next few months.”

Clark-Drain’s latest additions include clear-openings of 302 x 302mm for the CLKS 58 DDI, 385 x 317mm for the CLKS 178 KMD and 425 x 425mm for the CLKS 184S KMD.

In addition, CLKS 178 KMD and CLKS 184S KMD have reversible grates to suit any road configuration.

Both the CLKS 178 KMD and CLKS 184S KMD are Kitemark certified to BS EN 124:1994 and have been tested to exceed their Class D400 load classification rating. The CLKS 184S KMD is HA104/09 compliant.

With one of the widest portfolio of drainage products in the UK, Clark-Drain sees the extension and development of its range as evolving in line with changing customer needs across all sectors – highways, residential, commercial and industrial.

Jeremy adds, “Value suppliers like Clark-Drain continuously recognise the need to be competitive, resulting in continuously evolving design and investment in quality production techniques to meet the changing needs of construction and engineering.”

- Uploaded 13/01/2015