Simpler product selection for construction buyers.

Choosing manufacturers who make product sourcing quick and effective can support and add value to the supply chain.

It can make purchasing decisions simpler for customers, help builders' merchants and distributors stand out from the crowd and attract and retain new customers.

So what's the secret?

Simplifying buying decisions to help customers confidently evaluate their options can help?

One contribution, on the part of manufacturers' is to supply 'complementary' product combinations under one product code, as a complete product, instead of as a set of individual components.

An example of this is Clark-Drain's PLT CD U3000, whose individual components are sold separately as a manhole cover, base and riser, but are also available as a complete unit for the underground drainage market. 

For the builders' merchants the latter option simplifies inventory because they only have to order one product - In essence, as 'One code, One price, One product.'

Construction buyers also see the value because they're spending less time researching separate product requirements and searching for individual product componenents at the point of purchase. It can also ensure that everything they need for their project arrives on site - in full, as one complete package.

- Uploaded 24/09/2014