Clark-Drain signs a solus supply agreement with NBG for its manhole covers and frames

Clark-Drain has recently signed a 2 year solus supply agreement for its range of manhole covers and frames with the National Buying Group (NBG), further strengthening a relationship that has continued for over ten years.

The contract to supply NBG members includes a range of ductile iron, steel and polypropylene manhole covers and frames and complements a dual supply agreement already in place for its range of linear drainage systems.

“Good products and supply is critical to construction project success says Sarah Hughes, Sales Director at Clark-Drain, “The agreement provides a fantastic opportunity for us to provide a comprehensive range of drainage products and access covers to stock or to site and is reward for previous years’ excellent service and support to NBG members. Our products will provide them with features synonymous with safety, strength, durability, stability and high performance - beneficial to all types and sizes of building projects”

Perry Eyre, Lead Negotiator for NBG noted, “Promoting innovation, in both process and practice in its supply chain, to add value and satisfaction for the customer, is key to NBG’s operation. Clark-Drain has continued to demonstrate that its range of products provide a useful solution for building projects across many industry sectors”

- Uploaded 27/08/2014