Clark-Drain extends its range of steel manhole covers and frames

Clark-Drain; the company which set new industry standards with the development of the first steel cover as an alternative to cast iron in 1965 has extended its range of steel recessed and solid top covers and frames for residential construction projects. The products complement its already established T range, HD100 and PC family, by providing additional steel frame and cover options with the company’s characteristic tapered frame design, aimed at preventing uplift in the bedding area.

The products have been specifically developed to meet the demands of both contractors and end clients. They are manufactured from Mild Steel to BS EN 1449:1991/EN 10025 and galvanised to BS EN 1461:2009. Features synonymous with safety, strength, durability, stability and high performance have been incorporated into their designs which include:

- The T6G3/SF, T11G3/SF and T16G3/SF - particularly suitable for screed and carpet infill and with a 5T GPW load rating that makes them ideal in pedestrian areas inside or outside a property. Locking screws add extra safety by securing the tray to the frame, whilst factory fitted rubber seals provide an enhanced level of resistance to gaseous and/or liquid ingress;  

- The lightweight design of the CLKS 790R/80/SF and CLKS 791R/SF – both weigh less than 19kg – make them very easy and safe to install. Durability has also been built-in to the tray which uses a steel pressed cover design with corrugated supports that provide 52% less deflection under load than ‘early generation’ products – making the installation less prone to damage and suited to driveways where loadings of 10T GPW are commonplace. In addition, its integrated lifting keys are tested to withstand 120kg of direct lift whilst dust covers protect them so that access to the manhole can be maintained;

- The 10T GPW load rating applied to the solid top option - PC6CG/SF - provides pressed pattern strengthening on the cover and a solid steel flange on the frame for secure bedding in domestic driveways;              

- In addition, for heavier duty recess tray applications the CLKS 790R/HD100 provides a 38T GPW load rating ideal for estates (residential, commercial and light industrial) and has strengthening corner pads for extra-secure bedding – making it very stable in the ground to tolerate heavier traffic than you’d expect on a domestic driveway. 

“These additions offer real versatility for our customers,” says Hans Garbutt, Marketing Manager at Clark-Drain. “We have researched what contractors and end clients need from a product and our ‘All-Steel’ options are a great example of how their needs have been met, not only from a quality and strength perspective but also from a design, installation and maintenance viewpoint.”

- Uploaded 10/07/2014