Cyclist friendly gully grating helps to make the roads a safer place.

Clark-Drain, a UK leader in the manufacture and supply of drainage products, announces the introduction of the CLKS 185 KMD; a new grid mesh gully grating designed for safer cycling.

This further development of the Clark-Drain gully grate range offers a narrow mesh design for use in carriageway/kerbside and commercial and industrial areas where non-slot style grates are being specified with a D400 loading class.

“We already supply a wide range of gully gratings which are Kitemark certified to BS EN 124”, said Key Account Manager, Fash Shahidi, “The CLKS 185 KMD follows these standards and has been purposefully manufactured with a narrow grid mesh so that it leaves no gaps for bicycle, push chair or wheel chair tyres to get caught or deflected.”  

Clark-Drain’s investigations into the problems experienced by cyclists riding over gully gratings with grooves along the exact direction of travel has shown that the problem of tyres getting stuck and causing accidents is being taken seriously amongst public authorities.

“Our research, for example, has shown London taking the lead”, adds Fash,” with requirements for cycle friendly installations forming part of the Barclays Cycle Superhighways and a need to follow ‘London Cycling Design Standards’. Furthermore, our introduction of the CLKS 185 KMD has also been in part a response to more people taking to two wheels; a fact that hasn’t been lost on the Government who is currently investing £100 million in cycling infrastructure across England in an effort to make roads safer for cyclists”.

Clark-Drain believes that the safety issue is driving demand for this type of product and is beginning to see the results of this in increased demand.   

Fash concludes, “We have been encouraged by the growth in enquires for the CLKS 185 KMD via local and national building merchants; partly due to our educating customers about these ‘safer’ product alternatives. Safety is a primary goal for Clark-Drain and forms part of our quality commitment when designing and manufacturing products. Of the many CLKS 185 KMD already installed around the UK, we believe they will have a positive effect for Local Authorities looking to reduce accident insurance claims as a consequence of cycling accidents.”

- Uploaded 19/03/2014