Clark-Drain Strengthens Drainage Business In The Middle East And Grows Global Presence

Key highlights:

• Clark Drain, manhole cover manufacturer and leading supplier of drainage products world-wide announces a strategic expansion with its international trading arm, Sino-Trade, to strengthen its Middle Eastern drainage system business
• Provides Middle Eastern construction projects with access to one of the largest portfolios of drainage systems and builds upon Clark-Drain’s national and international reputation for fast, accessible, good quality supply
• Reinforces Clark Drain’s objective to grow its world-wide distribution links and expansion into key growth areas in construction around the world.

Following recent success in the region, Clark-Drain is expanding its operation, together with Sino-Trade into the wider region and has set its sights on gaining a firm foothold in the Middle East.

Recent work in the region on the Majlis Oman Parliament Building has helped to formulate its ‘Gulf’ strategy and vision, coupled with market insight generated by 2012’s Big Five Exhibition. The result of a ‘country by country’ strategic review undertaken by Sino-Trade last year confirmed a large demand for high quality products and innovation, driven mainly by, massive investment in essential infrastructure and much needed housing projects, as a result of rapid population growth, welfare and pressures being placed on resources in this water-stressed region.

To achieve this, its immediate focus for international growth over the next few years will be:

• The supply of a wide range of drainage products for airport expansion, roads, rail, public residential projects, education, water and power projects.
• Development of a network of agents and distributors throughout the region.

Furthermore, it believes that the regions willingness to invest in and build relationships with UK companies will also play an important role in the development of its export business. 

Ron Clark, Clark-Drain’s Managing Director, comments:

“This strategic expansion demonstrates our stated commitment to grow our international business. We are pleased to be combining our established resources around the world to access the public and private investment now fuelling a recognised construction programme. We look forward to further growth as we plan to develop a network of agents and distributors with significant scale across the wider Gulf region to meet the manufacturing and supply challenges, as opportunities arise.”

- Uploaded 14/09/2012