Highways Project A5- M1


Experience and expertise in the Highways sector enabled Clark-Drain to contribute to a £162 million road scheme in Bedfordshire.

The A5-M1 Dunstable link road opened in May 2017, creating 2.8 miles of new dual carriageway, with three junctions and six bridges.


Ray Jones, Operations Director at Costain Carillion Joint Venture, confirms how important cooperation and communication was on this project: "Clark-Drain were especially helpful in terms of delivery times. They committed to delivering between 9.00am and 3.00pm during school term time, which was an important planning requirement.

"But more significantly, they always let us know exactly when they would be on site. This meant we could be waiting for them with the right forklifts and personnel to unload the products. It avoided delays and meant nobody was rushing around, which was important as it helped to reduce the risk of accidents."



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- Uploaded 06/07/2017